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Uncle Vanya: See Dear Uncle.

University Of Oxford: In 1992, Alan Ayckbourn became the Cameron Mackintosh Professor of Contemporary Theatre at the University Of Oxford.

University Of York: See Ayckbourn Archive.

Unmasked - A Memoir: The composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's biography, published by HarperCollins during 2018. It features the author's memories of working on his and Alan Ayckbourn's musical Jeeves.

Unproduced Plays: Given Alan Ayckbourn has written more than 80 plays over more than six decades, it should be expected that some plays have been written but not produced for whatever reason; for example the schedule premiere of Truth Will Out during 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The list of unproduced plays alters - given previously unproduced plays may be produced such as Anno Domino during 2020 - and currently includes Truth Will Out, Men, Meals & Me and A Case Of Missing Wives.

Unseen Ayckbourn: An extensively revised and expanded edition of Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd's book Sight Unseen, published in June 2013 (and subsequently updated). The book looks at the withdrawn, unpublished and unproduced writing of Alan Ayckbourn.

Unseen Ayckbourn - Illustrated Edition: An updated and revised edition of Unseen Ayckbourn by Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd released in December 2016, featuring 20 images drawn from the Ayckbourn Archive. The book looks at the withdrawn, unpublished and unproduced writing of Alan Ayckbourn.

Unseen Ayckbourn - Anniversary Edition: A special limited edition of Unseen Ayckbourn by Alan Ayckbourn's Simon Murgatroyd released to mark the playwright's 80th birthday and 60th debut of his playwriting debut during 2019. Only 50 signed and numbered copies of the book were produced.

Untitled Farce: One of the Grey Plays (produced but unpublished), Untitled Farce is the first act of an unfinished farce (true farces are actually a genuine rarity for Alan Ayckbourn). The play was produced as a rehearsed reading for the final night of the Stephen Joseph Theatre's 50th anniversary celebration, 50 Years New. Untitled Farce is not available for production.

The 'Un'written Play: Within Alan Ayckbourn's notes for House & Garden in the Ayckbourn Archive, there are references to an unwritten play with several titles all beginning with "un': The Unthinkable Truth, The Unexpected, The Unpredicted, The Unaccepted, The Unrequited and The Undisturbed. Little else is know about this idea other than its character names.

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