Alan Ayckbourn Encyclopaedia: K

Karaoke Play: An abandoned concept for a play intended for the 2005 summer season at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. What little clues exist point to the play involving the audience and partaking in the drama, influencing the outcome of the play. Some of the ideas for the play were re-imagined for the 2016 play The Karaoke Theatre Company.

The Karaoke Theatre Company: A new work by Alan Ayckbourn which premiered at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, on 12 July 2016. Although a full-length piece, this is not considered one of his canon plays but a 'live entertainment' due to the improvisational elements within it.

Kenwright, Bill: Theatrical producer responsible who has produced the majority of West End revivals of Alan Ayckbourn's plays since 2007 including Absurd Person Singular (2007) and How The Other Half Loves (2016)

Kenyon, Mel: Alan Ayckbourn's current agent at Casarotto Ramsay.

The Kidderminster Affair: One of two one act plays which alongside Chloë With Love forms the Farcicals; two loosely connected on-act plays featuring the same characters but which are still independent and do not have to be seen together. The Farcicals premiered at the Stephen Joseph Theatre on 4 September 2013.

King, Denis: Composer and collaborator with Alan Ayckbourn. Denis King's first collaboration with the playwright was on the revue Cheap And Cheerful, he then went to compose the music for the full-length musicals Whenever, Orvin - Champion Of Champions and Awaking Beauty as well as appearing in - and providing music - for productions such as Alan Ayckbourn's revivals of A Chorus Of Disapproval and A Trip To Scarborough.

Knighthood: Alan Ayckbourn was knighted for 'services to theatre' in 1997.

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