Actors Index: V - Z

This is a comprehensive list of the actors (surnames V - Z) who have appeared in Alan Ayckbourn's plays in: world premieres (WP), West End premieres (LP), West End revivals (LR), National Theatre (NT); Ayckbourn-directed revivals (AR); Ayckbourn directed tours - only actors not listed for the original production (AT); Stephen Joseph Theatre revivals - not Ayckbourn directed (R); London recasts or transfers (LT).
Joanna Van Gyseghem: Henceforward... (LT 1989); Things We Do For Love (WP 1997); Bedroom Farce (AR 2000)
Rupert Vansittart: The Revengers' Comedies (WP 1989); Taking Steps (AR 1990); The Revengers' Comedies (LP 1991)
Peter Vaughan: Season's Greetings (LP 1982)
Anthony Venditti: Dreams From A Summer House (WP 1992); Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (R 1993)
Tabitha Wady: It Could Be Any One Of Us (AR 1996)
Nicola Walker: Season's Greetings (NT 2010)
Kim Wall: Man Of The Moment (AR 2009); Communicating Doors (AR 2010); Life Of Riley (WP 2010); Arrivals & Departures (WP 2013); Farcicals (WP 2013)
Bill Wallis: Jeeves (WP 1975)
Carol Walton: The Princess And The Mouse (WP 2002)
Niky Wardley: A Small Family Business (NT 2014)
Marcia Warren: Joking Apart (LP 1979); Season's Greetings (WP 1980); First Course (WP 1980); Suburban Strains (LP 1981); Season's Greetings (LP 1982); Tons Of Money (NT 1986); A Small Family Business (NT 1987)
Polly Warren: Bedroom Farce (WP 1975); Just Between Ourselves (WP 1976); Ten Times Table (WP 1977)
Jason Watkins: Bedroom Farce (LR 2002)
Haz Webb: Man Of The Moment (AR 2009)
Christopher Webber: A Word From Our Sponsor (WP 1995)
Caroline Webster: A Chorus Of Disapproval (WP 1984); The Westwoods (WP 1984); Family Circles (AR 1985); Woman In Mind (WP 1985); Boy Meets Girl / Girl Meets Boy (WP 1985); A Chorus Of Disapproval (LT 1986)
David Wehner: Christmas V Mastermind (WP 1962)
Jane Wenham: A Chorus Of Disapproval (NT 1985)
Gary Whitaker: Wildest Dreams (WP 1991); My Very Own Story (WP 1991); Wildest Dreams (LP 1993)
Matthew White: Awaking Beauty (WP 2008)
Geoffrey Whitehead: Body Language (WP 1990); The Revengers' Comedies (LP 1991); Bedroom Farce (AR 2000); This Is Where We Came In (AR 2001)
Janet Whiteside: A Chorus Of Disapproval (NT 1985)
June Whitfield: Bedroom Farce (LR 2002)
Gordon Whiting: Sisterly Feelings (NT 1980)
Benjamin Whitrow: Ten Times Table (LP 1978)
Sue Whyte: Man Of The Moment (AR 2009)
Geoffrey Wickham: The Revengers' Comedies (LP 1991)
Leonie Wilde: House & Garden (NT 2000)
Robert Wilfort: The Jollies (WP 2002)
Finty Williams: Bedroom Farce (LR 2010)
Glynn Williams: This Is Where We Came In (AR 2001)
Lia Williams: Body Language (WP 1990); The Revengers' Comedies (LP 1991); Absurd Person Singular (LR 2007)
Nigel Williams: Whenever (WP 2000)
Susan Williamson: Sisterly Feelings (NT 1980)
Penelope Wilton: The Norman Conquests (LP 1974); Sisterly Feelings (NT 1980)
Jennifer Wiltsie: Absurd Person Singular (AR 1989); Invisible Friends (WP 1989); Wolf At The Door (WP 1989)
Iain Winstanley: A Chorus Of Disapproval (AR 2004)
Sophie Winter: A Word From Our Sponsor (WP 1995)
David Wood: Jeeves (WP 1975)
Kathryn-Anne Woodward: Boy Meets Girl / Girl Meets Boy (WP 1985)
Sarah Woodward: Snake In The Grass (LP 2011)
Susan Woolridge: Snake In The Grass (LP 2011)
Marc Wootton: Season's Greetings (NT 2010)
Tessa Worsley: Man Of The Moment (LT 1990)
Billie-Claire Wright: Drowning On Dry Land (WP 2004); Private Fears In Public Places (WP 2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (AR 2004)
Gillian Wright: How The Other Half Loves (LR 2016)
Michael Wynne: Family Circles (LP 1978)
Kate Young: By Jeeves (WP 1996)
Nina Young: The Revengers' Comedies (LP 1991)
Patrick Young: The Jollies (WP 2002)
Philip York: A Chorus Of Disapproval (AR 2004); Miss Yesterday (WP 2004); Relatively Speaking (AR 2007)
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